Decimalz proudly announce the launch of Ecommerce 2.0 at Webx.pk;   Pakistan's first ready-to-use ecommerce solution! View more details and packages at www.webx.pk!
Announcements: Decimalz to release E-Commerce 2.0
E-Commerce 2.0
Decimalz to release CRM Beta 1.3 in 2012
CRM Beta 1.3
Decimalz has released CMS Pro
Decimalz CMS Pro


Web & Enterprise Portals

The ever-changing information technologies constantly bring new opportunities for businesses to streamline operations, improve inter-business interactions, optimize costs and thus get critical competitive advantages. In the knowledge-intensive economy of today, portals become integrated "anytime—anywhere access" platforms for information delivery, communication, collaboration and automating business processes through interconnected applications and web services. Decimalz delivers end-to-end Portal solutions embracing the latest technologies and business trends:

  • Content Distribution Portals
  • B2C and B2B Ecommerce Portals
  • Enterprise Information Portals
  • Business Intelligence Portals
  • Knowledge Management Portals
  • Application/Web Services Portals

Ecommerce and Online Stores

It makes no sense any more to discuss what benefits online presence provides for your business. It is now about understanding the "competitive disadvantage" of not giving a customer an option to search, compare and order online.

Ecommerce Business Domain at Decimalz

Ecommerce domain is a major area of Decimalz expertise. Our team focuses on interactive, highly functional tailored solution development for marketplaces, billing systems, payment processing and web stores. We have experience in building solutions for a variety of product types: consumer goods, downloadable content and media distribution, food ordering, business services, customer care and others.

Advanced Solutions for Ambitious Projects

Having grown its business understanding and technology skills in web development, Decimalz has become a fully-qualified vendor able to execute the most challenging ecommerce projects.

  • On-The-Fly Updates

    Adding new features on demand, embedding new functionality or upgrading visual design will not interrupt your online business. Decimalz utilizes best-practice software architecture approach and techniques to allow the ecommerce solution to grow smoothly and expand both vertically and horizontally.

  • Scalability

    Ecommerce software always requires high scalability to support the growing number of visitors, user accounts, catalog records and transactions. Decimalz has extensive experience in multi-tier application development and database modeling / optimization that yield excellent scalability results.

  • Integration

    Decimalz provides integration services for ecommerce solutions, including development of configurable integration modules that connect web frontend to the supply chain management process.

  • Social Networking Features

    Social networking is an integral part of modern advanced ecommerce solutions. Decimalz offers all-round development combining all the components in one solution.

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